How much fun are you having with your body?  Is that enough for you? Access has a pretty refreshing point of view about bodies: they know what they require better than we do. Thing is, we usually try and overfeed them, tell them who to sleep with, and when and how they should exercise. Does that sound like fun? So if we get out of our own way and give our bodies what they are asking for, they are usually much happier, healthier and fun friends to have.


To help us listen better to what actually makes our bodies happy, Access has developed a whole spell book of hands on processes just for the body. As a facilitator I teach pleasure seekers like you to run energy processes on your body. Doing enough of this is the beginning to unlocking the places where it has not been operating at its best.


These gentle but effective processes can also work on animals and I have experience of running them on domestic pets and horses.  In addition to this, you can use the tools of access to communicate with your animals. Animals always know what they require.  Each animal has its own way of communicating, and they all have one thing in common - they communicate much more in pictures than they do in words. 







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