"What is Access?” is a very good question. I have seen lots of people try to describe it, define it, brand and market it and most of them seem to stumble on the way to the finish line.


My aim with this site was to give you the inside scoop on Access Consciousness and what you can do with it, not just what it is.  So, if it’s called Access Consciousness™ why did I call this site Access Magic? Well, to me Access is magic. Not like rabbits out of hats or curses and pointy hats. This stuff is even more incredible than that. It’s like a huge ring of keys. Keys to open doors you have been itching to see the other side of. That kind of magic is what I am talking about. I know what you are thinking… that’s cool but what the f#$% is this Access stuff, right?


If I was to try and sum it up in as simple terms as possible I would call it a series of tools and processes delivered over a number of classes and seminars designed to give you more awareness of everything in your life and invite you to be more present and conscious. Sounds pretty simple, so let me try to elaborate on that and shed some light for you.


It won’t do anything to you or for you; instead it is about showing you more of YOU. Now that, my friend, is real magic. Presence and vulnerability… that is the magic I am talking about and that is the aim of Access; to be totally present for all of life and willing to receive everything it brings you.


The classes available through access don’t offer any answer and nowhere will you ever hear me claim to have a corner on absolute truth.  Like I said, these classes offer tools to be applied to build your own awareness and capacities to have a big and easy life of laughter.


I heard all kinds of things about what Access was like but it wasn’t till I actually experienced a class that I new I liked it. It’s kind of like sex. Everyone tries to tell you what its like but you have to get your hands dirty and give it a go before you really know what everyone is talking about.


So, if we are going to jump into the rabbit hole, keep clicking and read on about the bars… where it all started and where you can start your journey too.





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