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Monthly Teleseries with Access Magic™ Julia 

This teleseries is now complete.  May be bought as a recorded package 
Recently one of my clients referred to me as the Access Money Therapist – clearing people of their money issues and giving them the tools to create and generate a different possibility. I began to look at this as I have always resisted having a money teleseries. Because I find money easy, I didn't value the knowledge that I have and the way that I work with money and my attitude to money is very different to that of others.  Over the years, I have been told by Gary Douglas, Founder of Access Consciousness, that I have a talent and ability with money that I should share with others. I am now willing to facilitate classes on what I know and how I use the Access tools to generate more and more.

While I was not exactly in rags growing up, my parents did struggle just to make ends meet; were constantly worried about money; and tried hard to hide their money issues from the rest of the world. Money was a taboo subject outside of our home, we were not to discuss it, just worry about it not showing up tomorrow.

I was determined from a very young age that I would create wealth and that I would have a different reality with money from the one I grew up with. I wanted to have the fun and joy of having money rather than the worry of the scarcity of it. 

By 2005, when I came to Access, I already had created and generated a certain amount of wealth and ease of living. Since then, I have increased that wealth phenomenally and I have been having more joy and more fun with money than I thought possible. Even running 3 businesses can be joyful!! 

In this monthly teleclass, I will facilitate you with what I know about money from Access and personal knowledge.  I will explain the differnt tools, clearings, learning about money, discover fun with money (YES!  Fun!) and how to generate prosperity consciousness.  Please bring any issues, taboos, points of views that you have about money to the table. You will be offered clearings and tools to create and generate a different reality with money.  Is money something you receive with ease or just something that you hope and dream for and never seem to ‘get’? What if more than you ever hoped or dreamt possible is available to you? Are you willing to receive it now? 

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