~Are You Willing to Have a Voice in the World?~


For many of us, we are happy to sing like stars in the shower and the car, but what happens when someone passes you the microphone in public? Suddenly frozen, right? What about standing up in front of your colleagues and giving a presentation? Is that any better or would you still rather go hide?


Would you like to change that?


How much freedom would you have if you could be all of you no matter who was watching or listening? Would you have more of you or less?


Right Voice For You is an interactive class using the tools of Access Consciousness that is designed to give you the freedom to be you on stage and in your life. The beauty of this arena: itís pretty hard to hide on stage, the possibilities for transformation are incredible, and the difference is apparent to all in an instant. You get to experience the change in action! Are you really scaredÖ or are you actually excited?  


Right Voice for You is not strictly about teaching you to sing or about learning how to hide your nerves when you speak in public. Instead itís about inviting you to the vulnerability to be you in front of the microphone, when addressing a crowd, or wherever you are. What if you could have the same sense of yourself in those situations that you do out in nature? Itís not about learning tricks or techniques to be heard louder. Itís about letting down your barriers and allowing yourself be seen, heard and received.  Your voice will change and your life will change in the process.  How does it get any better than that?

A few people have told me that this is THE best Access class they have taken in terms of the changes they received not only to their voice, but to their lives!  Are you ready?

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